The Oscott and Perry Barr Neighbourhood Policing Team receive various  complaints regarding inconsiderate and  dangerous parking during peak parking times before and after school. 

Please be advised the team will be monitoring school parking, our school may be one of them, and anybody found parking in an inconsiderate, illegal or dangerous manner will be issued with a fixed penalty notice and possibly points on their licence.

Be aware of the High Way Code and remember you should not park on Zig Zags, double yellow lines, across  junctions, in the middle of the road, over dropped kerbs or in any other manner considered dangerous. Please also consider the residents who live in the area – where you are parking inconsiderately by blocking their drive or in some cases on their drives!

Children are being put at risk by the inconsiderate and dangerous parking and local  residents are being inconvenienced.

Please park legally and considerately and walk a few minutes to the school.