Our Governing Body consists of 11:

Trustees consist of no more than one third staff.

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The Governors of Dorrington Academy volunteer to ensure that we provide the best provision for the pupils of Dorrington. The Governing Body include the Headteacher, teaching staff, parents, local authority appointees and members of the community.

The Governing Body meets as a whole every term unless an extra meeting is required to address urgent business. The Governing Body delegates responsibility to a series of committees which conduct the business of the Governing Body.

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Governing Body Committees

  • Finance & Building
  • Staffing
  • Curriculum
  • Exclusions
  • Health & Safety
  • Pay & Grading / Performance Management
  • Disciplinary
  • Appeals
  • Performance Management Headteacher

In addition to these committees we also have Governing Body School Improvement Plan monitoring groups. These consist of the following,

  • Teaching and Learning
  • Pupil Premium
  • Sports Premium
  • Financial Monitoring Group
  • Leadership & Management
  • The Learning Environment

All the committees and monitoring groups assist the Headteacher to carry out statutory obligations and support in leading and managing Dorrington Academy to achieve its vision. Without doubt the Governing Body of Dorrington Academy are committed to being accountable. They have a passion for ensuring they keep themselves not only updated with current legislation and initiatives, but make the time to be in school supporting and monitoring achievement.

Governors can be contacted through the school.

Governing body committees 2020-21

Governing body meetings 2020-21

Head Teacher

Miss L Barratt

Chair of Governors

Mr J Hemmings

Vice-Chair of Governors

Mr K Hyem

SEN Governor

Mr J Harrison

Sports Funding Governor

Miss J Nightingale

Child Protection / Safeguarding

Mrs J Shrigley

Health & Safety

Mr K Hyem

Pupil Premium

Mr J Hemmings

Clerk to Governing Body

Mr S Taylor

Staff Governors

Miss L Barratt

Mrs J Shrigley

Mr J Harrison

Community Governors

Miss J Nightingale

Mr J Hemmings

Mrs J Hamilton-White

Mr K Hyem

Mr F Khuhro

Mrs C Shotton

Parent Governors

Ms L Cosnett

Mrs S Ogidih

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