Equality Objectives

It is our intention to give every child a full range of curriculum experience, regardless of ability, gender or race. Through well-structured activity based learning, the children develop the ability to co-operate with others and promote self-esteem. We aim to educate our pupils for life in a multi-cultural society, building upon the strengths of cultural diversity and mutual tolerance.

We are totally opposed to any discriminatory practice and stereotyping, based on gender, race or physical ability. To implement these principles positive action is needed to ensure that the curriculum reflects the school’s policy. Every member of the school is aware of ALL forms of discrimination and recognise the necessity to counter them.

Please click here for the Equality Policy

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2nd May, 2024

Election Day 2024

Dorrington Academy will be closed to all on Thursday 2nd May 2024 due to the election.

3rd May, 2024

Teacher Training Day

6th May, 2024

May Day Bank Holiday
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