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Dorrington Academy is committed to embracing partnerships which help all pupils to have the best provision. The most important partnership outside the academy is that between parents and the academy. It is our ethos that this partnership is always one that is in academy, not outside. We are committed to breaking down any barriers that prevent our community of parents from coming into the academy. Constantly, we are introducing initiatives which encourage parents to work alongside their children or attend workshops to enhance their own learning.

Over the past six years various initiatives between the academy and parents have enabled children to make accelerated progress as parents have had the resources to extend their child’s learning at home.

We constantly strive to improve this partnership through better communication and using many opportunities to listen to the views of our parents.

To this end, the academy regularly holds progress meetings where parents are able to discuss their child’s development with their class teacher. Please do not hesitate to raise any concerns you may have or bring other matters to the academy’s attention.

To cement this partnership, we ask you to sign a Home-School agreement which sets out what we as an academy and you as a parent can do to ensure the best possible education for your child.

Parents and friends are welcomed into the academy on many occasions to share in assemblies, performances and sporting events.

Weekly Newsletters (always on Pink paper) are sent home on Fridays and are also published on the academy website. These give you events, dates; celebrations etc, and keep you up to date with what’s going on in academy.

End of year reports are issued near the end of the academic year.

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