What a fantastic day we had at our first Multicultural day on Saturday 24th September 2016.
The day kicked off at midday with Dorrington’s choir singing two of their songs they sang at the Young Voices concert. With the fun fair rides going, the photo booth snapping away, parents and children were enjoying their time. Almost straight after the choir were a dance school, dancing and tapping their way on and off the stage in the school hall. Mesmerising movements from those dancing on stage, clearly enjoyed by all who watched.
Entertainment kept on coming today, with the stage set up outside for some barn dancing. The band played and made the calls for all to join in – the Dorrington staff getting carried away and showing the way in the barn dancing.
The smell of the food was very enticing; the barbeque burgers going down a treat – selling out quickly, with the Asian and Caribbean food selling out by the end of the day too.
With the band taking a break; on came the Bollywood Dreams dancers in the main hall. The crowd joined in trying out a few moves of their own once they had finished.
Not long after Dorrington’s staff choir sang a couple of songs, however, lyrics in hand helped due to short rehearsal times, their songs seemed to go down well, with people singing along when they knew the words.
After a break, on the stage outside the Bollywood dancers did another short set which went down well before the barn dancing began again with the band playing and shouting the calls to the audience.  Just before the day finished Miss Barratt, with the help of Parina in year 5, pulled out the lucky ticket winners for a KS1 fun day, KS2 a ticket to watch Aladdin in London and a £25 voucher for a family meal out.
All in all, the day was a great success, bringing our local community together to celebrate the diversity which helps make Dorrington Academy fantastic.

Photos to follow