As our trip to London began, we were all really excited and couldn’t wait to get there.  We had a long coach journey and half way through we stopped to eat our lunch at the service station. Shortly after, we got back on to the coach and Mr McLaren hauled our slightly lighter bags into the overhang luggage compartment. As the next part of our coach journey started, we were having great fun messing around and talking to our friends.

We arrived in London and couldn’t believe our eyes we loved the beautiful views of the city and couldn’t wait to see the show. We passed many great monuments, buildings and some picturesque houses. We were awestruck at the whole experience. Passing Buckingham Palace, we all tried to wave to the Queen from the coach but it was no use, at least we saw Buckingham Palace! We found out that Mrs Green and Mrs Shotton’s sons in law both guarded the Queen! We were very lucky as we had a wonderful tour guide, Mr McLaren, giving us a tour around London whilst getting to the theatre.

At last we had arrived at the theatre. After a short while, we took our seats and got ready to watch the show. We all thought the show was amazing and were speechless after watching it. We asked Tina Adonon from Year 5 what she thought of the show, this is what she said.
“I think it was a great show, and I want to see it every other night it’s on.” quoted Tina when we questioned her. After the show we got to meet the actors who played ‘Aladdin’ and ‘Sultan’ in the show. We were exhilarated about meeting them and thought they were really kind. Irvine Iqbal (the actor who plays ‘Sultan’) even let us ask him questions about him and his acting!

Whilst munching our dinner, we slowly headed back to Birmingham after having a great time in London. We were all exhausted but hyper after all the popcorn so we found it hard to settle down. Some of us fell asleep but most us stayed awake laughing and chatting to our friends. Aman Pal from Year 6 told on the way back
“We were having so much fun on the way back and I got on really well with Rebekah and Marwah, two of my fellow Year 6 colleagues sitting in front of me.”

Overall, we all had one of the best experiences in our lives and all our years at Dorrington Academy. We all thought it was great fun and it was a really good theatre production.

Rebekah and Marwah 6T