The Masked Reader

Welcome to Dorrington Academy’s The Masked Reader 2021!

World Book Day this year will be virtual. To celebrate, books and stories we know and love will be shared through The Masked Reader!

In this episode, some mystery readers will be sharing with you some extract from their favourite books. Their appearance has been masked! They are now: leopard, cow, dog, fox, pug, gorilla, leopard, cat, panda and the Grinch!

Watch the episode and see if you can unmask the identities of the mystery readers!

The masked readers consist of the following members of staff:

  • Miss Grewal
  • Miss Hayden
  • Miss Bird
  • Miss Stringer
  • Miss Smith
  • Miss Barratt
  • Mr Taylor
  • Mr Allie
  • Mr Harrison

Once you have made your guesses, vote below by Friday 5th March 2021.

Good luck!

Extra World Book Day Activities

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