Within the constraints of the School Budget and the LA funding we have made the site secure during the school day. The front gates are locked at 9.00 am and entry should be made only through the front entrance, which has a camera and door release system operated from the Secretary’s office. All visitors must report to the office, sign in and wear a badge if staying on site. For security reasons we ask parents leaving the building not to allow entry to anyone waiting, as all visitors wishing access must contact the school office through the security system.

The gates are unlocked at 3.25 pm to allow parents into the front playground.

Entry to the Nursery is via the ramp on the front playground.

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16th April, 2024

Reception Offer Day

2nd May, 2024

Election Day 2024

Dorrington Academy will be closed to all on Thursday 2nd May 2024 due to the election.

3rd May, 2024

Teacher Training Day
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