Money in School

Money comes to school for many reasons and managing that money can cause difficulties to staff.

In order to help in this we ask that all money be sent to school with the children in an envelope clearly marked with the amount, the child’s name, the class and what the money is for. This enables us to put the cash aside and open the envelopes when the early morning rush has subsided. Children are not allowed to take money to the office themselves as a systematic approach is in place. A member of the office staff visits every classroom each morning to collect monies.

Cheques for dinner money should be made payable to ‘Dorrington Academy’ and have your cheque card number, together with expiry date, on the reverse.

Payments for school trips if made by cheque should be made payable to ‘Dorrington Academy’ and likewise annotated.

Envelopes for paying in school monies are available from the school office.

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