Year 2

A warm welcome to our Year 2 home page. On this home page you will find information about what the children will be learning, latest news, children’s achievements, homework and useful links.

Our teachers are:

2A - Mr Allie

2I - Miss Ingle

2K - Miss Khan

Year 2 News

Please write your child’s name in anything they bring to school. This makes it much easier to find things that have been misplaced.

This includes: jumpers, cardigans, shirts, ties, trousers, pumps for P.E., wellies for Outdoor Education, bags and coats.

The children will need Wellies for Outdoor Education on Thursday.

P.E. kit will be needed for Monday and Wednesday.


Well done to Jamarr Colley (2A) who really impressed all the teachers with his behaviour on the trip. That goes for all of Year 2 who showed they can behave very well when outside the school!

We Are Learning

In Literacy, the children have been learning about Traditional Tales and story structure in order to complete a rewrite of Little Red Riding Hood. In Numeracy we have explored number by looking at the tens and units and partitioning numbers with manipulatives like Dienes blocks.

In Science, we have continued to learn about materials and their properties, specifically why we use certain materials for certain jobs. For example, why we tend to use bricks for construction work. In IPC, we have been looking at the Great Fire of London, the timeline around this event and the reasons as to why it spread so quickly.


Subject Task
Reading Read for at least twenty minutes a night and ask your parent(s) to fill in your diary. You should also write a comment about the book.
Times Tables Practise your times tables from the book we have given to you.
Spellings Learn your spellings from your spelling book we have given to you.
Literacy Your Literacy teacher will give you a sheet.
Numeracy Your Numeracy teacher will give you a sheet.
Science / IPC

We have learned much about Space this week. Write down 5 facts you have learned about the person/animal that you are researching.

Unicef Article 2 (Non-discrimination): The Convention applies to all children, whatever their race, religion or abilities; whatever they think or say, whatever type of family they come from. It doesn’t matter where children live, what language they speak, what their parents do, whether they are boys or girls, what their culture is, whether they have a disability or whether they are rich or poor. No child should be treated unfairly on any basis.


Year Group Events

Fun and Fitness week next week!

Useful Links

Year Group Information

At Dorrington, homework is considered a vital part of the children’s education as it not only supports, but enhances the learning taking place in school. We ask that all parents and carers support children in their homework and encourage them to take responsibility for their own learning.
Homework will be given out every Friday and includes; one piece for literacy, numeracy, science/IPC and spellings. In addition, we ask that children read at least three times per week to an adult and have their reading records completed accordingly. As an ongoing commitment to drive progress in mathematics at Dorrington, children also have a multiplication project to complete each week. All homework will be collected on the following Thursday.


Each week children participate in two physical education sessions (one indoor the other outdoor). These P.E. sessions play a vital role in educating children about the benefits of enjoying a healthy lifestyle as well as promoting the spiritual, moral social and cultural aspects associated with P.E.  It is therefore important that all children participate in these sessions.

Please ensure children have the appropriate P.E. kit for their PE days:

White T-shirt
Black Shorts/Tracksuit bottoms
Suitable footwear (Trainers for outdoor P.E.)


It is very important that your child takes part in all areas of the curriculum and children in Year 2 are provided with the opportunity to learn to swim every Thursday at Perry Beeches swimming pool. This will continue for the remainder of Year 2. Please make sure that your child has a suitable swimming kit with them every Thursday morning. All children need a large towel and a swimming cap is recommended, especially for girls. Children should not wear any jewellery (including earrings) on swimming days.

A plain ONE PIECE swimming costume.

Swimming trunks or shorts (Please note: due to health and safety rules, children must be sent with proper swim shorts. These must be shorts that are specifically designed for swimming, well above the knee and have no pockets. Children who do not have the correct swim shorts/trunks will not be able to take part in swimming lessons).


Outdoor Education

We ask that children come to these sessions in appropriate outdoor clothing, which can be left in school during term time. It is suggested that children have with them a warm, waterproof coat and sensible footwear appropriate for outdoor use i.e. boots or wellingtons.

If you have any questions or queries regarding your child, please do not hesitate to contact the school office to arrange to speak to a year group teacher or make an appointment if necessary.


At Dorrington, we believe that the Internet plays an important role in developing children’s learning. As part of our commitment to E-Safety we recommend that children use  ‘Safe Search’ (Click the link below) when browsing the Internet at home. Safe search is designed to make it safer for children to access webpages. However, it is still recommended that children are always supervised when using the Internet.